Pangea music

the pangea music story: When Mo Ali and Alexander Broussard met in december ’21 on the set of the television programm ‘The Tribute: Battle of the Bands” there was an instant click. Mo was there to pay tribute to Bob Marley as lead singer of Rootsriders and Alexander fronted his band The Billy Joel Experience. Both ended up in the finals and celebrated the outcome with a sold out concert at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.

Both leading men, however, had also already released original material and the idea came up to collaborate on some new songs that would represent the mellow side of both artists as opposed to the grandeur of their tribute shows. Groovy and catchy stuff, elegantly arranged with an unplugged vibe.

To avoid leaning too much on heavy beats and maintain the freshness the two singer-songwriters had in mind, musical heavy weight Jeroen de Rijk (known for his international work with fusion band MezzoForte, with jazz giant Louis van Dijk and an endless list of projects and studio sessions) was asked to join the project as percussionist and co-producer.

And to spice the project with a jazzy and latin touch, Filippo Castellazzi (Ben Littlewood Band et al.) was asked to play guitars and Yerman Aponte (CaboCubaJazz et al.) joined with his bass guitar.

A dream team, one might say, working on their first pangea music album with originals and booking a tour for january/february/march 2023.
The setlists of the concerts will of course contain the original material that got the project started but also, for Mo’s and Alexander’s fans and for their profound love for the masters, new versions of a few Bob Marley songs and a few Billy Joel songs.

Billy joel experience