Virtual Music Education

You’re On! is very proud with this co-operation with Virtual Music Education. We delivered A brand new corporate identity, website including the webshop and giftcard tools. We even made the introduction video’s and Workshops video.  Soon we even plan to present the associated Blues Backing app in the Apple/Google app store.

’’Make it Sound Real”

is an online educational program written by “Arnoud de Graaff” and is divided into 6 workshops. They are easy for anyone to follow and participate – regardless your experience or music style you’re playing in.


Every workshop at Virtual music education ( has a clear introduction, so you know what the topics are in that workshop. At this page you can see all off the  6 introductions. After following these workshops, you’ll have the fundamental tools to open your ears and play your music freely – accelerating your skill and passion. You will play and listen to music in a different way and the workshops will help you to become a better and more complete musician.

You can download each of the 6 workshops separately, or just as one course and follow them at your own speed and convenience. Good luck and have fun with “Make it Sound Real”.

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